• Attending the Service of Appointment of her husband as a Knight of the Order of the Service of the Garter at St. George's Chapel at Windsor Castle
  • Princess Charlotte, Duchess Amelia and Sir Alexander host a reception for the Virgin Money London Marathon 2017 at Kensington Palace
  • Review the National Parade of the Queen's Scouts at Windsor Castle and attend the National Scout Service at St. George's Chapel for the Scout Association
  • The Duchess of Cambridge, Princess Charlotte and Sir Alexander attend and watch the Virgin Money London Marathon 2017 sponsored by Heads Together

  • Attending the 70th Anniversary  of the D-Day commemorations in Normandy
  • The Queen Hosting a garden party at the Château de Versailles in honour of D-Day Veterans
  • Hosting her first Garden Party at the Garden of Versailles
  • Attending First Day of French Open 2014 with Jack and Christian

  • -read- Having bath with George and comforting him
  • Spending time in George's apartment, trying to calms him down and unexpectedly being visited by King and Queen
  • Arriving with George in the Portland Hospital for visit Mary and being spotted by paparazzi
  • -read- Going to wakes Mary up and finding her unconscious

  • inspired by an Indian camel.
  • 04/01/17 - inspired by noir
  • Inspired by my lust for shoes
  • Hello, stranger.

  • Forever and For always
  • Wonder Woman
  • The Kentucky Derby
  • Up

  • * Time Stands Still *
  • * Orange & .......Black *
  • * Sunday Best in Red & White *
  • * TORY Floral Red & White *

  • Attending the closing ceremony of the 2013 Royal Horse Show at Fantast Castle with Adam and David
  • Watching Day 6 of the RHS with David
  • Watching Day 5 of the RHS with Adam and David
  • Watching Day 4 of the RHS with David

  • Attending a performance of Swan Lake at the Vienna State Opera
  • Visiting the Empty Tomb of Emperor Maximilian and the Museum of Tyrolean Regional Heritage in Tyrol
  • (Read) Hosting the second annual Merciful Morning Foundation charity gala and running into Phillip again
  • Departing from Edinburgh Airport in the evening and Arriving in Vienna at night

  • Elizabeth -- The First Date in Forever
  • Lydia -- Events in Paris
  • Lydia -- Formal in France
  • Lydia --  L'arrivée à Paris

  • My Sport: Dressage&Riding
  • Visiting Museum
  • Gala Event Contest
  • Our main Residences